Saturday, December 12, 2015

Now & Then Flashback Rider focus: Keegan Valaika Absinthe Eversince.

Snowboarders come and go.  Into the limelight, then into the shadows.

There are riders that stay true to snowboarding.

Keegan Valaika is one of them.

"Ride my snowboard as much as possible" (Keegan Valaika)


Flashback BSA Snowboarding blog post to FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 2009:


Keegan Valaika is a rare talent with insane style 

Your riding style has been described as being like pro skater Tom Penny. What are your thoughts on this?
That's cool. I think everyone's style is somewhat influenced by the people they looked up to as kids. For me those were mostly skateboarders, and Penny was definitely one of them. I used to watch his part in the ES video Menikmati every day.

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