Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Confidence Trickster: Importance of visualization in snowboarding

'There is no try only do' (Yoda)

Snowboarding is THE most enjoyable activity you do that's legal. Sometimes it's extremely frustrating, like cracking eggs and each time an annoying bit of shell goes into your scramble-mix. It's a pain in the ass. Ok, moving on to more positive stuff. Think of a trick you'd love to nail. Go! Now imagine yourself doing that specific trick in your head.  Ok, cool. I'm imagining a perfectly executed backside lipslide on a downbar. Think specifics...

40 ft smooth metal down rail, 3 inches diameter. It's set up perfectly in your favourite terrain park. It's spring & the weather is just right. Not too warm & not too cold. Every step-of-the-way I'm visualizing my trick. My speed and line into the feature is good. Not too fast and not too slow. Now I set my heel edge ever so slightly by twisting my front toe edge up and heel edge down. Just a little. Good. Ok, so now I spot my landing area onto the rail just over my left shoulder (I'm regular footed). There's the sweet spot. Now is the ideal time to pop the perfect ollie over the lip onto the downbar. Lock it in. It's a touch down landing. I almost didn't hear my board contact the metal. How good does that feel? It's between my bindings. Yes! That's what I wanted. All I do now is eyeball the end of the rail and enjoy the ride. Before I know it I've landed back on snow and riding away clean. Feeling fresh.

Right, now let's go do it. For real.

(Remember confidence is key)

By Adam Bowcutt

Watch LNP do a backlip. He's goofy. Hmmm, now imagine doing it switch!
One Trick with LNP - Backside Lipslide from Rome Snowboards on Vimeo.


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