Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Trouble Andrew BSA Interview. 'I dream of shredding all the time'

Trouble Andrew mellowing out

Trouble Andrew is a snowboarder, a rockstar and a Canadian.  One word to describe him is cool.  Here at BSA we were intrigued to know a bit about this multi-talented dude.  So, we asked Trouble a few questions...

Where is your Hometown? 

I grew up in a small town called Falmouth Nova Scotia, I dropped out of school in grade 9 and moved out to Whistler to be a pro snowboarder cause thats what my heart told me.

Which artist, band or song could you listen to nonstop, forever? 

Anything by 2pac, Sanford Clark, The descendants or Miles Davis

Which snowboarder do you respect the most & why? 

Terje was a big influence of mine when I was young, so rad to see him still ripping and pushing the sport. 

Apart from a rockstar or pro snowboarder, what else did you want to be? 

A pro skateboarder. 

What does being creative mean to you? 

Dreaming up new ideas and bringing them to life. 

How has being a snowboarder shaped your life so far? 

It opened many doors for me and showed me the world. It made me a strong competitor and taught me how to pick my own line, on the mtn and in every day life, art and business. Snowboarding has taken me around the world and connected me with all kinds of people, art and culture which has expanded my perspective tremendously. 

Canada. What does that word mean to you? 


What are you addicted to? 

Creating, music, art, sex, love, travel. 

Can you still do a switch back 7? 

Yeah I'm sure I could, its been a minute though, I dream of shredding all the time and when I get on my board it all seems like just yesterday. 

Who are the Trouble Gang? 

Trouble Gang runs so deep, it's a world wide crew of creative minds making shit happen by any means necessary. A few of the OG's are Stunnaman, Jofo, Muller St-Cyr, Santigold, Hollywood Holt, Pixote, Masa, Solo, Ckrs Brown, UZI, Doc Mckinney, Douce 

When & where did you last go snowboarding? 

Whistler a few weeks ago. I was shredding pow with my homies Kale Stephens and Chris Brown, epic day. 

What would make this world a better place? 

If everyone puffed a lil tree once and a while to mellow out. 

What did you eat for breakfast? 

NY pizza 

Interview by Adam Bowcutt 

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progression said...

Good read. The world could definitely use a little more puffing and NY Pizza!