Sunday, March 3, 2013

Seb Toots is all about the Frontside 360

Seb Toots lands all his tricks bolts! He stomps so cleanly. How does this French-Canadian slopestyle specialist do it? We asked him some questions...
What's your age & how was your last birthday party?  

I'm 20 years old and my last year party with RedBull and Oakley was crazy! 

Describe your relationship with snowboarding using 3 words. 

Fun, passion, life

What's the most important thing you've learnt during your professional snowboarding career so far? 

Following your passion and having a good times always work out better then if you try to do something you hate. 

What are your goals for the next five years?  

Try to be a better snowboarder every years and enjoy these years as much of possible.

What is your favorite trick and why? 

FS 360 cause it's a easy trick and it's fun to do it with all kind of grab.

Which female snowboarder has the best style?  

Kjersti Buaas and Jamie Anderson. 

Which pro rider do you respect the most ? 

Many riders but I guess Travis Rice. He work hard and bring snowboarding to another level on the Backcountry. 

How do you keep yourself motivated on your off days? (E.g 'not feeling it') 

I do a lot of other sports and sometime taking a brake and hang with the homies make you excited to go shred again. 

Who are your sponsors & why do you represent them?  

O'Neill, Red Bull, Ride, Oakley, Giro, Empire.  They are the reason why I can do what I love as a living and I'm hype on their products. 

In your opinion,  which snowboard competition  is the most fun to ride in? 

Probably the Ride Shakedown in Montreal cause the format is really chill and I love to ride in front of a big crowd. 

When you land your tricks (double corks etc) you usually stomp them so clean! What's your specific focus & how do you do it?  

When I learned a new trick I try to do it as much as possible so it become a easy trick to land everytime. 

What makes  fellow Canadian slopestyle rider Mark McMorris so good & what do you need to do to consistently beat him? 

I need to land my run and I have good chances. No matter what happend i'm always stoked to see him doing good. 

What did you eat for breakfast? 

I ate a eggs sandwich with a OG . 

Any Seb Toots words of wisdom for aspiring snowboarders? 

Don't take snowboarding to serious and see you on the hill! Peace
Interview by Adam Bowcutt


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This was incredibly inspiring! I'm definately going to link this in my blog !

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drew emond im totes digging that blog man keep it up

May Munro said...

Incredible! Love to see these stunts alive. It would be the greatest moment for my life. Good post!

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I was planning to buy a snowboard for my son and he told me to purchase only among best snowboard brands. Can anyone suggest me which would be best for him as he is just a nerd of around 15 years?