Tuesday, February 19, 2013

JF Pelchat interview. So what's good about NOW bindings then?

JF Pelchat looks like he needs a beer & sushi. Photo: Chad Chomlack

So what's all this buzz about NOW bindings?  

One way to answer this question is to hear a bit about the man behind the product.  

So, we asked JF Pelchat a few questions.  


Whistler BC Canada
What's favorite snowboard movie & why?

Dang! There is too many to list. Probably all the Craig Kelly featured movies, the Mack Dawg movies, kingpin movies, TB series. I really like these production and the era they where filmed in because to me this is snowboard R/evolution at it's best, it seems to me that there was so much more distinction in style and personality back then.

Use 3 words to describe your relationship with snowboarding

Exciting, Challenging and Rewarding
Where do you shred the most?

On Whistler & Blackomb mountain
Within the snowboarding realm, who do you respect & why?

I respect those who work hard and are part of our industry for the right reasons and I also respect the people who are honest and bring joy to our sport. 
What have been your highlights as a professional snowboarder?

For me is not about highlights in my career but more about the journey and everything that came with it, I am blessed for all that snowboarding as brought to me and my life. 
What challenges do you face as a business owner of NOW & how is it going so far?

The lack of snow every year in part of the globe + market flooded with binding overstock caused by bad winter in the US last year. Canadian pricing VS US pricing, Shops not holding prices, Global economy, Distribution exclusivity at shop level and also how consumer are trained and expect to only buy product at discounted price.
The good news is NOW seems to be somewhat sheltered by most of these problems due to the fact that we offered a new and relevant technology with a different message, specially when the binding industry have been singing the same song for 20+years. The Now bindings are unique, fresh and it is backed by some of the best PRO in the biz so consumer are willing to pay a bit more for it. 

Now bindings.  Just the one.

What specifically makes your bindings better than the competition?

Our Skate-tech Technology, the NOW binding are better because they are designed to turn a snowboard rather than just holding a boot unto a board, they are more responsive and precise than any other bindings out there which will translate into less foot fatigue and overall more comfortable.

What trick do you most like doing on your snowboard?

Ollie, Euro carve, riding highcups and good old method

JF boosting & tweaking one of his favourite tricks at Camp of Champs.  Photo: Chad Chomlack 
Where do you see the future of snowboarding in, say, 5 years ? (Tricks & industry)

The return of the accessible 12-14 foot halfpipe at ski resort, We will see more emphasis on the Kids and youth market with more suitable gear and program offered at younger age at ski resorts across the world. We will see more grass root rider driven event/comps. Mandatory helmets everywhere and NOW bindings taking over with their....
What did you eat for dinner?

Since this interview is a work in progress and it was conducted over a few weeks....Sorry there. Let's just say I had a few beer and sushi 
Do you have any JF Pelchat words of wisdom?

REthink your ride

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Interview by Adam Bowcutt


154_Eric said...

It was awesome getting to know the pro snowboarder and owner of NOW bindings. These are the best bindings I've ever had. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

"I respect those who work hard and are part of our industry for the right reasons and I also respect the people who are honest and bring joy to our sport."
So why are you using a company name that is already in use and follows these morals? Seems like you dont care about anything but yourself. If your invention is so creative what is stopping you from creating your own name and identity??? Why did you steel the name Now Snowboarding? Super lame of you JF thought you were better than that.