Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Action sports, SNOWBOARDING & this video clip. It's all visceral

Sponsored Video Action sports, SNOWBOARDING & this video clip. It's all visceral.

What does visceral mean? Well, it's a feeling. It's a word to help readers attempt to understand a feeling through written form. However, snowboarding & action sports are not to be just understood. They should be felt. To some extent this short video subtly captures this feeling. By tickling your ears & eyes with some 'extreme action sports' the pit of your belly starts to giggle. This giggling is sometimes referred to as 'butterflies'. It's visceral. Now we're talking! But, let's not just talk. Let's do... You'll feel so much better for it.

(*Cough cough: Get off your couch & spread your wings) Just an idea: save your pennies and book a snowboarding trip to Canada or the States. Get stoked. Breathe in the fresh mountain air and strap into your snowboard. Boom! Now you're riding. Now you're feeling. This is living. You'll feel alive. Fully alive. But, be warned snowboarding and action sports, it's all visceral. These feelings can become an addiction. It's like a drug. Believe me you will want to feel like this more and more day by day. Is being addicted to snowboarding a bad thing? I think not. Scratch that, I feel not. Let's make each other giggle... 

Get addicted! /// We are addicted.

(*This post was sponsored by Red Bull. We liked the video & wrote about it. That's it that's all) Written by Adam Bowcutt


Pat | Mini Wings said...

I agree, experiencing the sport will make it easier for people to understand the worth of going through the demands of extreme sports!

Burton Vapor Snowboard said...

Actually for me also I agree..Extreme sports like snowboarding will give you adrenaline rush and experience it with more action and trill..