Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Is Jeremiah Weed for snowboarders?

We got a cheeky surprise at BSA headquarters. A note & a suspicious looking package.

I dubiously tore the wrapping paper to reveal a wooden box emblazoned with the 'Jeremiah Weed' logo & a BSA label beneath.

What's this then? I slid open the plywood to reveal two bottles of Brew; Sour mash & root, glass jar drinking vessel, t shirt, canvas satchel, packet of beef jerky & a harmonica.

Box of stuff

Ok, so why BSA? A note inside the box said Jeremiah Weed Brews liked our snowboarding Blog. Sweet!

Talking of sweet... Both brews were really sweet & easy to drink. Especially the root brew. They could be a refreshing drink after a fun day of spring-time snowboarding.  Be warned because if you try to ride after sinking a few of these it could end in tears. The energy from the sweetness & the delayed reactions from the 4% alcohol might cause you some shred trouble.

Tim's pissed again...

Don't drink & ride. It's just not worth it. Trust me. I've learned the hard way. (clue: fractured fibula)

So, yes. Jeremiah Weed could be for thirsty snowboarders with a sweet tooth.

PS. More people should play the harmonica.
PPS. Beef jerky is an awesome high protein snack that could help rebuild your tired snowboarding legs

"Sweet brew bro"

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By Adam Bowcutt

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