Monday, December 19, 2011

Austen Sweetin BSA Interview: 'Just Be You'

"It's hard to pick just one, it's a tie between switch back lip's, front 3's, or back 180 methods"(Austen Sweetin)

Austin Sweetin is probably the most stoked young rider you'll meet. His energetic enthusiasm shines through in his riding. He has this natural ability to stomp everything with style, and at the same time, always with a huge beaming smile.

This is a rider to watch out for.

BSA has a quick Q & A session with Austin Sweetin. Here are his answers:


Seattle, WA

Use 3 words to describe what snowboarding means to you.

I love snowboarding!

What's it like riding & filming for Forum?

It's a dream come true, I always looked up to forum and the people riding for them growing up and now being apart of it is awesome. It's rad being able to spend the winter traveling and filming with a good group of friends instead of standing around at contests all winter.

Which riders do you respect most & why?

Austin Hironaka, because I grew up riding with him my whole life and it's awesome to see him out there hustlin all for the pure love of snowboarding. Peter Line because he has done so much for snowboarding in both the progression of it and business side of it by starting the brand I ride for now.

Who's the hottest female rider in your honest opinion?

That Ellery Hollingsworth shawty is pretty bangin

What are your plans this winter?

Travel with the forum homies and try to film another part, I'm gonna try to divide my time equally into streets, pow, and park to try and have a well rounded part.

What did you eat for lunch ?

Egg scramble with potatoes and sausage in it, along with a few cups of coffee, I ate my breaky at lunch today.

Trick you want to get dialed this year?

Cab 3's on natty backcountry hits along with big park jumps

Your best feeling trick, one you'd choose to do everyday if it had to be just one?

It's hard to pick just one, it's a tie between switch back lip's, front 3's, or back 180 methods

Slopestyle in the Olympics... What are your thoughts?

I think it's cool the Olympics are starting to support snowboarding in other aspects besides half pipe, but I also think its whack that the FIS is running that shit and making all the riders switch up there winters by not making TTR events eligible for qualification.

Any random words of Austen Sweetin wisdom?

Just be you

Interview by Adam Bowcutt

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