Friday, October 28, 2011

BSA selected as one of world's best snowboarding websites

Relentless Energy Drink pick the 8 best snowboarding blogs and websites in the world...

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This slick portal was started by a passionate snowboarder and instructor, Adam Bowcutt, when he picked up an injury while snowboarding. All he could think and dream about was snowboarding, so instead of wallowing in his situation, he channelled his frustration and passion into something more constructive. The idea was for a ‘rehab clinic’ for addicted snowboarders like Adam.

What makes you stand out from other snowboard blogs?

Our blog stands out because it's pure snowboarding from the heart and soul of this passionate lifestyle and action sport. We’re not affiliated with any large corporation. We keep the true spirit of snowboarding alive.

Where is your favourite place to snowboard?

My favourite place to shred is The Remarkables, Queenstown, New Zealand. You can go for fun park laps on your own. After the first fun lap you'll always find a friend to ride with. Smiles and progression happens here daily. Love it.

Why should we come to you?

You should come to us because we are addicted. You'll find random shred-related media shared socially.

Which snowboarders should we look out for?

The rider you should look out for is Keegan Valaika. He's already 'making it' in snowboarding. However, there's more to come from this freestyler.

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