Saturday, July 4, 2009

Transform gloves. It's a London thing...

Transform Gloves was started in the summer of 2007 during a rainy day in London..

Year one has just been completed for the 2008/09 season.

The original idea of Transform Gloves came about because we were tired of seeing a huge influx of American influences in snowboarding. Transform Gloves goal was to create a brand that was not only European but drew on the sights, colours and culture that Europe has to offer.

Transform Gloves has a selection of some of Europe’s most technical riders. There are a total of three UK riders on the team. Tyler Chorlton is on the international team and John Feesh Weatherly and Laura Berry are holding up the rookies.

Tyler had amazing part in the Pirates movie last season, which included a now infamous triple front flip. He has been traveling around the word filming for his part in the upcoming movie. Feesh has been laying down the most technical rail tricks in Mayrhofen for his part in the new whitespace release. This movie will turn heads. Laura has been shooting in Avoriaz and winning everything she enters. Most recently the Vans dawn of the shred competition at the Milton Keynes Xscape.

Currently Transform is available in a select few stores in The Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Next year’s range will spread further across Europe and will be available on a couple of online stores.
It is important at Transform Gloves that the correct, rider owned and independent stores carry our products.

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