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FBBB's Mikee says: Nothing lasts forever so embrace, appreciate & love it

For Boarders By Boarders FBBB are doing great things for grass roots snowboarding in the UK. Mikee is one of the passionate snowboarders behind FBBB. He gets it done...

The ‘big smoke’ known as London town baby! ;)

What is FBBB, who is involved & how did it all start?

FBBB is a travelling community event formed from a collective of board riders, artists, park shapers, designers and musicians. Representing a group of people who are all enthused and inspired by riding.

The concept is to provide and encourage progression by delivering innovative parks catered to riders for all levels with the emphasis on simply having fun. (Which is what its all about at the end of the day!) The ideology is to attract an audience to inspire and grow the sport by welcoming new comers. At the same time providing a platform for the up & coming sub cultures to express themselves.

Originally started by myself, Thom Boddington, Katie Craggs and our head of music DJ - ch!co but as we’ve evolved and grown, more friends (Sarah, Aly, Ben, Neil & Dan) have jumped onboard to help make FBBB what it is now.

New website coming soon btw! :)

Use 3 words to describe your relationship with snowboarding

I love it! or ‘Best thing ever’

Where do you foresee FBBB in the future, say in 5 years from now?

I forsee FBBB playing a major part in the future of grass roots riding, providing & encouraging progression (with the emphasis on just havin fun) for all kids and new comers. Becoming an established event & brand. Not just in the UK but worldwide. Possibly providing a scheme/academy and having a team or riders.

A base in the UK and a base in the Alps - So summer events all over the world during the summer and events on the mountains in the winter.

We’ve just teamed up with ‘Snow-camp’, - a youth charity providing disadvantaged young people from London with the chance to experience mountain sports. So there are short & long term plans for this as well which I feel will keep us busy.

We have a great team of people all pushing towards making this happen. As they say, its just a matter of when not how...;)

Which snowboarders do you respect and why?

Damn.....so many but lets narrow it down to 5 then. (In no particular order)

Travis Rice – Purely for the fact I believe he is pushing the boundaries the hardest and just a really sick snowboarder. Arguably the best in the world at the moment. Certainly when it comes to hitting big booters anyway.

Nicholas Muller – Just cuz I like the way he rides and how humble he is. Plus he’s very eco friendly which is important of course. And of course his brand ARCUS have given us prizes for the past 2 years so we gota love that!

Wolle Nvelt – Just love how fluid his riding is and how consistently good his parts are year after year. Same as the other 2 I mentioned above really. And of course he’s part of the infamous Asthetiker crew whom we have huge respect for.

Jed Anderson – Just love watchin him kill it on rails. Never fails to impress...

Terje Haakonson – I had to mention Terje because of the impact he’s had on snowboarding and the amount of people he’s inspired in a positive way. Plus the fact he’s 1 of the pioneers of freestyle snowboarding. You have to respect that.

I feel bad for all the other amazin riders I didn’t mention but oh well....

You work hard to push the UK shred scene. What key events are coming up and why should snowboarders go?

Thanks man. All the FBBB events are key! I would say that though hey ;)
No but seriously, I feel all the events are important and its good to see more events happening because as a rider you can always learn something when you ride and if you seriously want to progress then ride as much as possible. If anything I feel there aren’t enough events being organized!

The FBBB event at Snowworld in Landgraaf, Holland will be super special as its our 1st event in a dome outside of the UK. A fun packed two day event! Stay tuned via the website for more up to date info...

Describe your ideal day...

Waking up to a bluebird day (its been snowin hard all night!) after a good nights sleep in a chalet with all your favourite people, having breakfast together (filled with loads of banter – Standard!), catching 1st lift & rippin thru some freshies, takin in the scenery & vibe that the mountains offer, followed by lunch with the crew & maybe a quick power nap in the sun, then a good few laps in the park, jacuzzi, massage, dinner with the crew and maybe a quick jive to some good beats & nice ladies in a club – going to bed with a big smile.... ;)

FBBB is involved with art and music in addition to snowboarding. Tell us about this collaboration?

Well snowboarding isn’t just a sport when you love it like we do so its very much a lifestyle & culture. In that sense music & art comes hand in hand with it and we wanted to offer entertainment to those (mums, dads, general public etc) that aren’t there just to ride. Also the progression doesn’t just lie within the riding but also within music & art. We provide a platform for up & coming brands, artists, musicians, filmers etc to be involved, to express themselves and be part of the community & network.

What effect do you think the newly built Hemel indoor snowcentre London has had on UK snowboarding?

Oh it can only be a good thing. I reckon its had a positive effect & will continue to do so. The more facilities the merrier surely! As snowboarding becomes more accessible to more people. Its all about spreading the love no? I’d like to think more people will be encouraged into trying it out & getting into it which can only be a good thing cuz we all know how much fun it is!

Any Mikee C (FBBB) worldly words of wisdom to share?

Nothing lasts forever so embrace, appreciate & love it as much as you can and do it as much as you can. Just keep on keeping on man!

Thanks bro! Its been fun.
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