Thursday, May 7, 2009

BSA Development Team Rider (UK) Emily Park announced Norquay winner for MGT Academy

After shredding hard at the Norquay MGT camp in Banff Canada in April 2009. Emily Park impressed the Pros enough to be selected for the elite MGT Academy. The top international riders included living legend of female shred Tara Dakides and the firmly established pro Leanne Pelosi.

BSA Development Team Rider (UK) Emily Park was chosen from 47 female riders. Kallie Murray was the second rider also picked for the academy.

Not only is Emily Park a talented and stylish snowboarder, she also has some journalistic flair. For an article eloquently written by Emily describing her experiences at the Norquay camp click here for the SnowboardMagazine.Org link

All in session for the MGT Academy! Calculate the square root of a cab 540 or dial the molecular formula of 2 parts dedication and 2 parts raw talent. Say ‘yes’ if you’re present! The MGT Academy is a fast(er) track to a snowboard career. The program is designed to select one promising MGT camper and place them under the tutorial wing of the MGT pro coaches to give a head start on pursuing a snowboard career in 2010.

The MGT Academy Graduate will receive fresh gear, access to some inaccessible contests and photo shoots…. tools needed to help you gain the experience and meet the people than can set your course for shredology.

It’s public school fool! Anyone can enroll in the MGT Academy and have their shot. All you need to do is register for an MGT Snowboard Camp this winter and be placed under the watchful eye of our MGT faculty members (err…coaches). 2 campers will be chosen from each winter camp to make the honor roll and be eligible to win the top prize. Towards the end of the winter semester, our honorary snow scholars will make a final presentation as to why they should graduate with top honors from the MGT Academy. The top graduate will then be chosen and presented with fresh gear, a travel budget and access to many snow experiences for 2010. (Source

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Here at BSA we wish Emily every success for her snowboarding future as we know she has the talent and dedication to go far