Saturday, May 2, 2009

BSA Development Team Rider (NZ) Interview: Adam Shaw

BSA Development Team (NZ) Rider Interview : Adam Shaw


Mt maunganui , nz

Use 3 words to describe what snowboarding means to you

Fun, progression and good times

Where is your favourite place to ride and why?

Remarkables New Zealand because it has a sick park and good free riding, and all my friends are always shredding there

What trick gives you the most pleasure?

Switch bs 5

What are your future goals within snowboarding?

Personal progression, and would love to make some money out of it one day

What, in your opinion, would make the snowboarding world better ?
More and more snow. if there was more money in the New Zealand snow industry, and probably if eveything wasn't so corporate

Today Adam Shaw is feeling... a little hung over

Do you have any random words of wisdom?
Have fun ,fuck all the bull shit in life., just go shred. There's nothing better

Watch out for more news on Adam this coming season in New Zealand...

NEWS UPDATE: ADAM SHAW has joined the Bataleon Snowboards NZ team. Congratulations to Adam!

Kiwi Bataleon rider Adam Shaw from Cleay Perham on Vimeo.

Watch out for Adam in NZ this coming season...

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