Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Good Times you say….hell yeah!

MGT Camp, Norquay 2009!

More Good Times you say….hell yeah!

Words by Emily Park

I’d been pretty much crossing off the days on the calender and counting down to April 4th all season. Using it as excuse not to go big I’m ashamed to admit…but I wanted to be fighting fit ready to ride with MFR, Raewyn Reid, Leanne Pelosi, Robin Van gyn and Tara Dakides! What a line up! MGT was coming to Mt Norquay, Banff, AB. I couldn’t pass up the chance to ride with some of the worlds top female pros and take some box tricks to the rails! These were the girls who were gonna give me the push I needed.

Heading up the camp was “fellow Brit” Leanne Pelosi (born in Wales then moved to Canada when she was 2). Outnumbered by the 50 Canadians it was like my first day of school all over again. It was a beautiful bluebird day and the first real scorching spring day of the season. I was really pleased to be in Leanne’s group and after a couple fun buttery tripod and nose block warm up runs we hiked a box till lunch. We got all jumpy in the afternoon and Leanne’s tip to pop later off the tail cleaned up my back 3s a treat!

I was gutted Norquay park didn’t feature a down rail so as it turned out the scariest part of the weekend was sitting on the knuckle of the XL jump and having Tara, Leanne, Robin and Bev jump over our heads!! It was brilliant to see the pros throw down and see Tara bust out her signature backflip!

We got to see Robyn’s bum with a back board to moonie! Ha ha ha! …and athough I didn’t get to see Raewyn grease it up on the boxes or MFR in ‘RL’, Bev Vuilleumier definitely had more than enough steeze to make up for it! She went on one of the MGT camps before becoming pro, proof that it can be done!

Overall I guess what made it for me was to see 50+ girls hanging out in the park, all having ‘more good times’, giving their best, smiling and slamming. The line ups were long but the vibes were great and the music was cranking…mostly cheesy 80’s pop! Props to Katiie Fagan who was getting everyone amped! That girl rocks!!

Thanks to Leanne and Joanna Majcherkiewicz for bringing MGT to the Bow Valley, hooking everyone up with some great stash and kicking off spring with a spark! I made some new friends and have a new hunger to try new stuff and eat lots of steeze burgers! See you next year…that’s if u don’t bring the camp to UK snowdomes before then!…I’ll be looking for more good times this summer for sure!

My friend Sam took the photos. Not bad for someone in a neck brace on codeine!…(back on the board soon girl x).

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