Sunday, April 19, 2009

If Desiree Melancon was President she would make everything illegal legal

Desiree Melancon is part of the new breed of talented female snowboarders to hit the limelight. She rides rails with style & finesse. BSA asked Desiree some questions on a hangover day...

Hometown? riverside, California

Use 3 words to describe your last shred trip: icy, beer, chubby

If you had a superpower what would it be? to fly.

What's your most accomplished snowboarding trick you like to throw down? carving

What word do you say most often? "fuckkkkkkkkk"

Your favourite music to listen to whilst riding? the Beatles

If you were president, what would you try to change in the world? i would make everything illegal legal.

Which snowboarder do you find attractive both for their riding skills & good looks? hahaha jesus i am not answering this.

You're supported by Holden Outerwear (Mikey Leblanc's company) What do you like about Mikey and his company & which item of Holden outerwear is your favourite? Mikey is amazing to me. he's a friend. He took me under Holden's wing when i was coming up and it was the best thing ever. i owe Mikey tons. then Holden is just the sweetest company ever. so i back it super hard. my items of favorite are the pants. and the shirt and hoodie designs. i like simple drawings.

Today Desiree Melancon is feeling...? hungover but excited.
BSA would like to thanks Desiree for answering these questions. PS. We think one of Desiree's accomplished tricks is a solid & stylish frontboard. However, we are pretty sure her carving is top notch too

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