Saturday, April 4, 2009

Does Hampus Mosesson choose sex over snowboarding?

Hampus Mosesson
Known to go big and push limits in the backcountry or at a competition, this Swedish rider refuses to 'huck and spin' his tricks to win a contest. 'I try to make it not look like a videogame.'

Hometown? Frösön, Sweden

Use 3 words to describe your current relationship with snowboarding.
Fun, Work, Stressful

If you could be invisible for one day, what would you do? Get a starmap in Hollywood and see my favourite famous girls get dressed or whatever their doing by the time i get there..
What could the snowboarding world do without? Lots of shit, jocks, 4 jumps in a row, judges, well in one short word contests.
If you could slap anybody in the world really hard in the face, with no consequences, who would it be and why? This guy that made this one girl feel really bad, u wouldn't know him so ill pick a snowboarder instead. Mitch Reed.
Which female snowboarder do you find particularly attractive (for her snowboarding as well as looks) ? Fuck me.. I guess my younger love, Victoria Jealouse
Today, Hampus Mosesson is feeling...? Lost and confused. Big time.
Who are your sponsors and what's good about them?
Omatic-Just because its a sick family company, Quiksilver-They give me a big paycheck every month and have sick clothes, Monster-They make me wanna drink their drinks with alcohol, Union-Best binders out there, Neff-Word, Grenade-They make bombs.
Can you give BSA some random words of your wisdom for the day? Think through everything u do before u do it and don't look back after its done. I think i messed up on that one a couple of days ago...
Bonus question: Do you think snowboarding is more fun than sex? If i could only snowboard myself without filming or anything i would for sure pick snowboarding. Sex gets old. But as for now... Yeah, sex..
BSA Snow thanks Hampus for taking the time to answer these questions

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