Friday, March 6, 2009

Tim Lloyd is a Talented British Photographer: He Lives & Breathes Snow

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Tim Lloyd


I’m born and raised in Chester, the northwest of England.
When did you start capturing snowboarding images professionally?

I’m a relatively new guy in the industry having only been taking photos for a couple of seasons now.
Describe your relationship with your camera and photography

I weighed my camera bag a couple of days ago - it was 14 kilos that day. The relationship between my camera gear and my body is not always a happy one!
Are you a bit of a snow addict?, if yes, please explain

If I wasn’t then I wouldn’t have chosen this profession! You really have to live and breathe snow....I spent 99 days in the UK last year with the rest being on the road in the mountains.
Describe your latest photoshoot adventure using 3 descriptive words

No worries mate.
How do you think the current global 'credit crunch' will affect your industry?

I hate the term ‘credit crunch’ and everything surrounding it. Luckily whilst in the mountains you have the ability to shut yourself off from media outlets back home. Snowboarders are quite a resilient bunch although lately the value of the pound is effecting how comfortably i can live on the road now. The ‘can’t afford to eat’ diet happens occasionally!
Where do you think action sports photography and snowboarding will be in the future?, say in 10 years from now

Shifty shifty back 180’s will win contests as opposed to switch back 12’s. People will realise the value of great photography.
What is your 'style' of photography?

I wouldn’t say I have a particular style as such. If i’m on my game and so are the riders i’m working with then cool images will be the outcome. My preference lies in the backcountry though but i’m sure everyone would say that!
What are you future goals? Professionally and personally?

I want to keep myself in the Snow business for many years to come. I want to continue travelling the world meeting new people and visiting new places whilst producing great photos.
Do you have any wise words of wisdom for enthusiastic photographers wanting to carve a successful professional career?

Obvious point first; Get out there and shoot as much as possible. Put yourself in the positions where you are meeting, riding and shooting snowboarders. Then concentrate on nailing the technical aspect of photography keeping the camera controls set to manual and in RAW picture format. Most importantly read every article and forum on and learn the business side. This site is run by working photographers and details every aspect of action sport shooting. It will teach you the importance of never giving anything away for free. Please don’t do that.

What place of the world is your favourite to work and play?

I’m in Japan right now and its a place thats always in my heart having spent a few years on and off here. I’m not one to discriminate though, Europe has had an insane season and if its on (less often then most) then New Zealand is sweet.
Do you have a website to check out?

Oh yeah; Check out my blog section to see where i’m at right now. Want some answers? just check out my site and drop me an email.

Any final thoughts or famous last words...?

“The world is like a book, if you haven’t travelled then you’ve only read the front cover.”

BSA thanks Tim for his time in answering these questions

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