Thursday, March 26, 2009

Snowboarding means Fun, Powder & Travel to BSA Development Team Rider (Australia) Patrick Davis-Meehan

BSA Development Team Rider Interview: Patrick Davis-Meehan
Hometown - Newcastle, Australia
Use 3 words to describe what snowboarding means to you - Fun, Powder, Travel
Where is your favourite place to ride and why? - Summit County Colorado, lots of friends here and great mountains.
What trick gives you the most pleasure? - Anything really smooth that i stomp, love backside spins.
What are your future goals within snowboarding? - Make Olympics for Halfpipe and shred for as long as possible.
What, in your opinion, would make the snowboarding world better ? - More parks like Whistler's Black park, where you need a pass to get in, so you don't get family's and punters riding through and standing on the knuckle etc.
Today Patrick Davis-Meehan is feeling.....? - So stoked! Went Cat skiing for the first time today at Tucker Mountain, it was amazing, i still have a high from it 5 hours later.
Do you have any random words of wisdom? - Be nice
BSA wishes Patrick every success for his snowboarding future. He has a great attitude to compliment his skills
Check out Patricks website here

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