Monday, March 30, 2009

Roxy Queen of Shred Erin Comstock says Backside 180's are amazing

The 2006/2007 season was one of Erin’s most successful. She was filmed for two snowboarding flicks: Runway Film’s “La La Land” and Roxy’s first-ever all-women’s ski and snowboard team film “Labor of Love.” Erin has also been featured in the Vans movie, “A Lucid Dream,” the Park City movie “City. Park City,” and Misschief Films “Ro Sham Bo.”

Hometown? Salt Lake City, Utah

Use 3 carefully selected words to describe what snowboarding means to you. Free, aggressive, Mental

What, in your opinion, would make snowboarding better ? I think snowboarding could be made better if people could appreciate other peoples way of expressing themselves. I feel like to many people talk shit on other people. Thats just life though..

Where do you see snowboarding, particularly female snowboarding, in say 10 years time? Hahaha well look back 10 years and a girls video part now could totally be a legit video part in Mack Dawg 10years ago. So I guess I will put it out there and say the same for the female riders in 10 years

Who is your favourite rider and why? Difficult question. I really appreciate all my friends and their riding. But Heikki Sorsa is probably my favorite rider to watch. He is soooo talented. Burton obviously cant see that!!!

Describe THE perfect day... It can either be powder or Park I dont care, But an amazing days with all of my friends! I love riding with all my friends!

What trick when snowboarding gives you the most pleasure? I love a clean frontside 540, oh Backside 180's are amazing. Gosh I guess just landing a clean run no matter what the tricks but that gives me the most satisfaction!

Today Erin Comstock is feeling...? Today I am really excited! I have some good friends coming to Mammoth to shred with me this weekend and I am already here with my good friends! Life is good!

What advice do you have for young enthusiastic female snowboarders wanting to make a career out of snowboarding? Be smart about your career. Dont make it your life. Because there is more to life than snowboarding! And if something happens to where you cant ride you should be prepared for that. But embrace it as well. Snowboarding will give you so much in life! you get to travel and meet so many people! Also keep yourself healthy!


Bonus BSA question: What's the first random word that comes into your head right now? WOW
BSA thanks Erin for taking the time to answer the questions in this interview. PS. We agree that backside 180's are amazing!

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