Monday, March 23, 2009

Red Bull Skyscrapers winner Shayne Popisil says Snowboarding is always fun

Like most talented shredders from New Jersey, Shayne Pospisil relocated to Mammoth, CA and promptly took over the park.

Manasquan, New Jersey
You recently won the New York Red Bull Skyscrapers TTR event recently. Describe what the event was like and how you felt winning it.

The contest was pretty awesome being in Manhattan, NYC and right near home. I live an hour away so I had a ton of friends and all my family come up to watch so winning it was perfect. All in all Red bull did a great job with the event and setting all the athletes up with a sick hotel and accomodations and putting 50 grand up for first wasn't bad either. But it was one of the best contests i've ever been to and the crowd was awesome and besides the run in to the jump not being high enough it was a great contest.
Use 3 words to describe what snowboarding means to you?

Always fun times
You are from the States. What are the benefits and drawbacks (if any) being an American snowboarder?
We don't have to many drawbacks considering we have some of the best parks and all type of riding terrain in the world. But really i can't think of any drawbacks we americans have rite now. But how the world looks at Americans right now after Bush was president and the economy being so bad really doesn't make our reputation look that great so that would definitely be are drawback.

What are your future goals for your snowboarding career?

My goals are to keep riding hard and hopefully competing and winning contests for the next few years. I'd also like to film a solid video part one of these years and maybe get back into halfpipe and try to make a run at that...maybe not olympics but just get all my tricks back. But I definitely want to be in the top 10 in the world and just be super comfortable with my snowboarding.

In your opinion, what would make snowboarding (lifestyle, industry, sport) better?

Snowboarding could be better I guess if we had a bigger fan base and more people new about it like golf or basketball. Were athletes putting are body on the line every day and risking it all just to put on a good show and have fun and were getting paid nothing compared to golfers. So we definitely don't get enough recognition for what we do so hopefully people will start to realize how crazy snowboarding is and come check it out.

Who do you think will win the TTR World snowboard tour 2009 ?

Probably Shaun. I'd like to see Chaz take it but shaun's just too good. (NB: Peetu won)

What trick gives you the best feeling when you do it?

Lately it's been a switch backside five nose grab. That trip always gets me corked and upside down and feels really good.

Who are your sponsors?

Today, Shayne Pospisil is feeling....?


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