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Passion inspires happiness says Kiwi Pro Rider Stef Zeestratten

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Stef 'Dutchy' Zeestratten is a stylish and talented rider from New Zealand. He is very passionate about snowboarding and will go far. Stef is one of the laid back and friendly NZ shredders who are currently at the forefront of Kiwi snowboarding.


Wanaka (winter nz) Kaikoura (surfing between seasons) and no fixed address for the rest of the year!

2. We hear you're a sick 'Kiwi' shredder. What does it mean to bepart of the NZ snowboarding scene?

Ha thanks!! Its a privilage in New Zealand as we have a really laid back scene, that is just focused on one thing and that’s getting everyone out there having a good time!!!

3. Use 3 words to describe why you love snowboarding...

Freedome, Adrenalin , Friends

4. What are your future snowboarding career goals?

Keep discovering New things within the sport and the lifestyle that comes with it and shred as long and hard as i can!!!!

5. Who are your shred buddies? and why do you like riding with them?

My shred buddies Range from my daily Kiwi Crew of peeps like Robett H,Nick H and B, Mich B and Will J, Shelly G to the lost friends that I keep running into around the world! Like today I had a sick day getting creative with the one and only Tyler Chorlton. These Peeps along with many more are always happy, fun to ride with,creative and make for an interesting and usually unpredictable day!!!

6. What would make snowboarding, in general, better?

If all these wonderful people that make snowboarding possible,(resorts, media, shops and snowboarders........) would work together more to make this sport available to more people as an alternative to soccer and rugby!

7. Today Stef Zeestraten is feeling...?

Like I'm in a great Food coma reflecting on another epic days shredding!

8. What tricks are you playing with (or trying to perfect) at the moment?

Well this Season Ive only been shredding Pow so switch pow lines have been keeping me busy, until today where i had one of a few days in the park so far this season and everything from methods airs to switch shifty 900s were keeping me entertained!

9. What are your thoughts on the ever increasing number of comps worldwide? Is this a good thing or not?

Well I've always loved Comps traveling to them and riding with friends that happen to be pushing and inspiring you to go bigger and do better, but this season i have taken a 6 month break to go back to why i started. The simplicity of pow riding and the carefree but unpredictable season i have had reminds me that there should be a good balance if your on the competition circuit chasing that money!!

10 Who are your sponsors?

BSA Bonus questions: Will you share some of your wise words of wisdom...

Passion Inspires Happiness

BSA thanks Stef for taking the time to answer the questions in this interview

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