Monday, March 9, 2009

I am a Snowboarder says Dick Schulze aged 62

Dick Schulze is what snowboarding is all about. Fun, Friends & Snow. He is 62 years young. Dick competes at the Burton Global Open Series events in the halfpipe. He also competes at various Boardercross events.
BSA has previously interviewed Dick. It can be read here (BSA Global Snow News)'Is Snowboarding Ageless?'
This follow up is a quick update on what Dick has been up to with his snowboarding since the BSA interview.
In Dick's own words:
At the Revolution Tour at Boreal, there were about 88 men in the boardercross. Course was challenging. I took the attached photo showing the start, which was two "swells" right out the gate. Only the top 32 advanced past the timed trials.Next week Friday I will be competing in the next round of the Revolution Tour boardercross at Mt Hood Meadows, Oregon
Yesterday I competed in the first round of the pipe competition in the Asian Open. There were 87 guys representing Japan, Korea, China, Finland and the USA. Many of the Japanese competitors and even some of the event staff remembered me from last year.

As last year, the Japanese competitors tend to be older than their European and American colleagues – there were a few teenagers and even a couple of preteens, but most were in their 20s and several were in their mid to late 30s.

The weather was awful. Pardon my use of the obscene R­word, but during the 45-minute practice it was (shudder) raining. All of us got very wet. Fortunately the rain had stopped by the time practice was over. Then when I was in the start gate for my first competition run, strapped in and ready to go with about three riders ahead of me, fog moved in and the competition came to a screeching halt because the fog was so thick the judges could not see the length of the pipe. After about 15 minutes the fog lifted enough that we could continue, and by my second run the weather was behaving itself reasonably well.

I did not advance to the second round, but I improved noticeably over Canada, and by mistake I did a new trick – switch alley-oop – that I have never been able to do before. Now I have two days of practice, then lunch with Agilent friend Kimihisa in Tokyo before I fly home.
Dick Schulze is a competitive, friendly, healthy and happy snowboarder. Remember, he is 62 years of age and still killing it! He is an inspiration to us all. BSA wishes Dick every success in his future snowboarding activities.

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