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Charlotte Trundle BSA Snow Team (NZ) Boulder Rail Jam update

Cricket Campus Rail Jam 2009 @ Boulder

Charlotte's words:

After driving two hours in my roommates Subaru WRX sti racing are other friends car I was happy to have made it to Boulder in one piece..Thank god I don’t know how fast miles an hour are..

I was slightly nervous after not riding for 3 weeks after an unfortunate glass to foot incident (costing $4000 American, in which I was sober) and the fact I had just removed my own stitches.

As we arrived in Boulder to go check out the set-up, this old man came up to me asking if I wanted to trade my dragon sunnies for rocks… I thought he is trying to trade me crack!! And started wondering in all my snowboard gear did I look like a crack-head??..

Later on I find out hippies try to trade gems and precious stones for things they want.
The set up was a street style down bar with creeper rail on either side, a street style down flat down and a ledge box, also with creepers with a 5 foot drop off it and off the side of the side rails they had air bags which hardly worked just incase you came off the rail early onto the concrete SKETCHY!!!

I am in the second heat, which was girls, and skiers the crowd watching is the biggest I have ever seen at a rail comp. My one problem with scaffolding even though I have done quite a few comps with it is I am so scared of heights, especially when the thing I am walking on it shaking and creaking.

My first hit was a disaster after not riding for three weeks I don’t pop enough onto the down bar enough and taco myself (great for the confidence and it hurt so much) but after that I start to get in a flow and land 50/50 front one off the down bar, 50/50 board slide on the down flat down and 50/50 front one and back one of the ledge (which is so sticky).

The girls where throwing down front side swivels on the down bar, front boards and stomping their stuff.

I waited anxiously for my name to be called for the finals as the competition was stiff at this point I was thinking about going for a beer as I was battered and bruised after all the slams and didn’t think I was going to make finals.

They call me name out and I make my way back up the scaffolding. In the finals I nearly landed a back 3 off the ledge I kept landing on my feet but sitting down, as it was such a big drop to an inch of snow on concrete. I landed 50/50 front board on the down flat down and a nose press back one on the ledge and a couple of other tricks I landed in qualifying. The other girls where killing it again so I had no idea what the judging was going to be like.

At prize giving I find out I came 2nd and I won an o-matic snowboard and a place to the finals, I was so stoked after riding for weeks.

I love to hate comps sometimes they go your way and sometimes they don’t but as long as you love snowboarding and riding with your friends that’s all that matters.

BSA Development Team (New Zealand) Rider Charlotte Trundle Interview:


wanaka has been my home town for 5 years

Use 3 words to describe what snowboarding means to you
fun, friends, adrenaline

Where is your favourite place to ride and why?

snowpark nz because of the relaxed atmosphere, progressive creative features and all my friends ride there.

What trick gives you the most pleasure?

every trick i land which is new

What are your future goals within snowboarding?

try to stay injury free and get a video part in a snowboard movie

What, in your opinion, would make the snowboarding world better ?

no gapers, no spring break haha

Today Charlotte Trundle is feeling..... stoked because its snowing a lot and i am going to have an amazing powder day tomorrow

Do you have any random words of wisdom?

snowboard because you love it

BSA Rider update: Charlotte Trundle new sponsor: Charlotte signs with Betty Rides outerwear

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