Wednesday, March 11, 2009

BSA Development Team Rider (NZ) Adam Shaw says 'Snowboarding is always fun'

Adam Shaw is a relaxed & friendly Kiwi snowboarder with a sleek shred style. He is based in Queenstown NZ for the southern hemisphere winter & is currently jibbing up a storm in the popular European resort of Mayrhofen, Austria.
Adam recently sent us an update on what he's been up to:
Adam Shaw: 'what up'

"On the past Saturday the 7th of March 2009 Me and my
friend Addi from Iceland travelled a short distance from Mayrhofen to a resort
called Solden., where we me up with Addi's friends that run the park

That night we went out for a few good Austrian beers and a bit of
Jagermeister and had a look at the Solden night life. First we went to an apres
ski bar and had a couple but then we couldn't take the shocking music any more
so we went to a club called Party House, it was insane. There were little kids
running around, drunk as they were passing out all over the place, some of them
looked like they were 12. Some funny stuff was going on. I've never seen kids so
young in a bar, but you only have to be 15 to drink in Austria. But was a fun

Went back to the shapers flat and crashed out on the rock hard floor.
Best sleep ever. Yeah!!!
First thing the next morning we got ready and
cruised up the mountain and did a massive run down to the park to hit up the
Rail Jam that was going on. It was a mellow fun session .

They where giving out a little cash for each good trick, but still some
cool things got thrown down. T he first session was on the down flat down box. I
earned my self a little bit buy doing a 5050 to MJ on the down. Always a fun
trick to do.
Then I did a cab 180 on to backside 180 switch

We cruised around for a little hitting up the whole park. Then they had
another little session on one of the small kikers. Everybody was throwing fun
tricks, crazy tweaks ,back flips and a whole lot more.

I wanted a bit more cash so Igot Addi to stand in the middle of the
jump holding his board upside down and I tail bonked it. I got some cash for it
too. Addi also earned him self a bit of cash by throwing a sick backside rodeo 7
on the kicker and some cool combos on the kink box.

All in all it was a sick day. Snowboarding is always
. B.S.A represent. Yeah!!!

Cheers. Adam Shaw "
More BSA Development Team updates & Images soon...

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