Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BSA (BritishSnowAddictions.com) has finalised a New Zealand Development Team.

This carefully selected development team is tasked with helping to develop BSA globally within their specified region.These snowboarders are dedicated international snow addicts.

They are all keen on FUN and have specialist talents.

BSA Development Team (New Zealand)

Adam Shaw

Maia Stier

Jay Walsh

Charlotte Trundle

Guy McCully

Christy Prior

Keep checking the site for updates on all these talented Kiwi shredders.

BSA is also in the process of completing a BSA Development Team for Australia, Canada & of course the United Kingdom.

BritishSnowAddictions.com aims to relieve symptoms of snow addiction by providing the rehab guest (BSA friend) with Global Snow News, Images, Video footage and F.U.N.

Recent BSA Global Snow News articles include Pro rider interviews with Andrew Hardingham (Canada), Raewyn Reid (Canada), Stef Zeestraten (NZ) & Shayne Popisil (USA)


Adam Bowcutt

PR Director @ BSA

BSA = Online Rehab Clinic

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