Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jed Anderson: Snowboarding = Fun, Friends & Love

1. Hometown?
Calgary Alberta, Canada
2. Choose 3 carefully selected words to describe what snowboarding means to you.
fun friends love
3. What are you future aspirations and goals in snowboarding?
i just want to keep learning and keep having fun.
4. Where is your favourite place to ride?
bear mountain, Canada Olympic Park, Golden B.C.
5. Who do you normally ride with?
Any one whos at C.O.P.
6. What is the best feeling trick you like to do on your snowboard? just air time or long rails......or landing in powder
7. Where do you see snowboarding in the future, say in 10 years time?
wow. ummm. hopefully still involved with the sport. Maybe working for a company or still riding lots? who knows? thats a long ways away!
8. If snowboarding didn't exist, what would you be doing instead?
9. Who are your sponsors?
10. What words of wisdom do you have to share...?
Have fun with whatever it is you do! dont get all serious and cry! Enjoy Life! Keep your friends and family close!
BSA thanks Jed for taking the time to answer these questions

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