Thursday, January 29, 2009

British Snowboard Team Athlete Sam Cullum takes fun sky high

1. Hometown?

Bracknell UK

2. Using 3 words describe what snowboarding means to you.

FUN , travel, Tough

3. What are your personal goals for the future?

To have as much fun as possible.

4. What are the benefits or drawbacks (if any) of being a British snowboarder?

Not too sure im pretty sure its as tough for everyone to make it to the top however we do have the lack of snow and mountains

5. How do you normally prepare for a snowboarding contest?

Try and act as if its a normal day and try not to think about it too much

6. What is your favourite snowboarding manoeuvre you like to perform?


7. Where do you see snowboarding, particularly British snowboarding, in the future (say in 5 years)?

going sky high

8. What words of advice would you give to aspiring young snowboarders wishing to progress in the sport/lifestyle of snowboarding?

It hurts, you fall alot and it takes time but dont give up its so worth all the effort.

9. Where will your next snowboarding trip take you?

Italy, Canada and america

10. Who are your sponsors?

For more info check out

BSA thanks Sam for his time in answering these questions. (and for supplying the action shot included in article)

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