Tuesday, January 27, 2009

British Rider Aimee Fuller on Fun, Progression & 2014 Olympics

Photo: Aimee in Laax Switzerland by Dave Hunt

Photo: Aimee @ BEO 2009 by Becky Cullum

1. Hometown?

Keston, Kent

2. What will you be doing mostly this winter?

Getting in as much snow time as possible , whilst juggling my A Level studies and competing in a few TTR comps.

3. Describe your relationship with snowboarding ?

I have a great passion for the sport, I love to compete aswell as ride for fun, it gives me a sense of freedom.

4. What are your snowboarding and personal goals for the future?

To progress as much as possible, to ride in the 2014 Olympics, learn a 720.

5. Describe your last snowboarding trip using 3 carefully selected words?

BEO, Sunshine, Experience

6. What words of advice would you give to aspiring young female riders?

Ride with good friends, I know it sounds cheesey... but the more fun you have the more you will progress, keep trying new things, and don't give up.

7. Who are your sponsors?

Roxy, Vans, Hair apartment, TSA

8. Give BSA an Aimee Fuller WOW (Words of Wisdom)

Work hard , Play hard and it pays off!

BSA would like to thank Aimee for taking the time to answer these questions. We wish this young British snowboarder great success for the future.

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