Monday, December 15, 2008

It's Snow Life Through A Lens: A snapshot of Pro Photographer Nathan Gallagher

1. Hometown?
Tamworth was where I was born, although I grew up in Sutton Coldfield.

2. When did you start capturing snowboarding images professionally?

About 11 years ago, the first image I had published was in Snowboard UK and was a shot of Axel Parpourte doing a backside air off the famous SPC hip in Hintertux

3. Describe your relationship with your camera and photography

A camera is a means to an end, photography is a area of expression.

4. Are you a bit of a snow addict?, if yes, please explain

Absolutely, that magical moment when the first snow of the winter starts to flutter down makes me 8 years old every year.

5. Describe your latest photoshoot adventure using 3 descriptive words

Beatbox, Choir, Southbank

6. How do you think the current global 'credit crunch' will affect your industry?

I think that the photographic industry has been a turbulent one for quite some time, the adoption of digital equipment has lowered the perceived value of the end product, this has had knock-on effects throughout the industry

7. Where do you think action sports photography and snowboarding will be in the future?, say in 10 years from now

It will all be film based, photographers will film rather than shoot, then select their frames in post (this is already happening elsewhere) I imagine a subtle divide will appear aesthetically between those who shoot for stills and those who film for both stills and movie footage. Mainly because of the angles and framing differences between the two disciplines but also because of the work-flow which surrounds them.

8. What is your 'style' of photography?

People like to ask what 'kind' of photographer you are, I find it difficult to answer because I need variety to keep me interested, so I stole the following answer off another photographer, Sam Hart : I shoot landscapes and portraits.

9. What are you future goals? Professionally and personally?

Have fun, develop and learn from everything and beat Tim Warwood in a Chinese downhill 10.

Do you have any wise words of wisdom for enthusiastic photographers wanting to carve a successful professional career?

What photography in the snowsports industries can offer you in amazing experiences, wonderful people and glamourous locations it takes from you by way of any real money.

11. Any final thoughts or famous last words...?

That piano up there is getting bigger and bigger
BSA would like to thank Nathan for his time in participating in this interview

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