Monday, December 29, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: French-Canadian Wonder Kid Seb Toots talks with BSA

1. Hometown?


2. What is your age?

16 years old

3. What do you like about snowboarding?

Everything because it's the best sport ever.

4. How do you approach learning a new trick?

I when ride to my home mountain for practice and the park was so good to ride.I was trying some backside 1080 , some time it was almost a double cork and I just started to gave more flip to my second cork.

5. Describe your last snowboarding trip using 3 carefully selected words.

Big, funny, Insane.

6. Who is your favourite rider?

Eero Ettala and Travis Rice.

7. What are your future goals? personally and professionally

One of my biggest goals it's to do the X-games And to have a big house with a snow park in my backyard.

8. Where do you see snowboarding in the future?, say in 10 years time

I think the level of the snowboarding will be so high and one of the most popular sport in the world wide.

9. Who do you normally ride with?

I ride a lot with my friends and Max Henault who helping me out.

10. Who are your sponsors?

11. Any final thoughts...? (E.g. What is the first thing that comes into your

Let's go ride!

BSA thanks Seb Toots (aka Sebastian Toutant) for taking the time to answer these questions in his 2nd language

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