Sunday, November 30, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Nicolas Muller enlightens British Snow Addictions

Nicolas: "Think about what you spend your money on"
1. Hometown?
What is that? I guess Beckenried, Switzerland for now...
2. Describe your relationship with snow and snowboarding?

Snow is a frozen form of what our body is made of 90 % so I feel nothing but love for it and snowboarding let me be who I am away from cities and its system.

3. Choose 3 carefully selected words to describe your last snowboarding trip .

Terje, Engadin, November

4. What effect does snowboarding and snowboarders have on the environment in your opinion?

It depends on how conscious the snowboarder is. If he takes the train to the mountain, buy organic and local produce and composts for example the effect is relatively low.

5. How can we as all contribute to protecting the environment ?

Think about what you spend your money on. What do you buy, where does it come from and who is behind the company. think about the effect of every action you may take it has on you and your surrounding living space.

6. Are you addicted to snow and snowboarding? If yes, perhaps give examples of instances snow addiction...
I wouldn't say addicted but when there's fresh snow I just wouldn't know anything better to do than getting out there on the mountain and enjoy it. It's in the same act paying attention to the mountain and snow and being grateful for it.
7. what are you future goals?

My goal is Enlightenment...hahaha...if not in this life, then in the next one (;

8. Where do you see snowboarding in the future, say in 10 years time?

On the mountains, with cleaner products and tons of Method Airs
9. Who are your sponsors?

Burton, Oakley, Fiat, Swatch, Sudden Rush Guarana (

10. If you have any words of wisdom, feel free to write them here:
Make your own decision by listening to your own emotions and your gut feeling. And don't let your parents, teachers or politicians decide for you! You know best what right and what not for you.
'BSA thanks Nicolas for his time in answering these questions'

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Andy said...

Very Nice BSA. Big Ups to Nico for his time eh??!! Very inspirational and real. Now we can take a piece of that wisdom and adapt it to our lives...