Wednesday, November 19, 2008

British Snowboarder Posy Dixon is wheely from London...

BSA posed some questions to this talented British female rider

1. Hometown?

- London

2. What will you be doing mostly this winter?

- I am now working in London with the European Nike 6.0 snowboard , bmx and surf teams so I will spend the majority of the winter here - with a healthy sprinkling of trips with the team inbetween.

3. Describe your relationship with snowboarding?

It took up my whole life from the ages of about 17 - 24... at that point because of injury I moved back to London to check out the rest of life - and found out it was pretty sweet! It did consume everything for a while - every penny and minute of time and bit of energy I had... but I totally enjoyed it.

4. What are your personal and snowboarding goals for the future?

- to enjoy and make the most out of all the time I can make for myself in the snow

5. Describe your last snowboarding trip using 3 carefully selected words

- summer slush shnitzle

6. What words of advice would you give to aspiring young female riders?

don't be scared. positive mental attitude

7. Who are your sponsors?

Nikita, Charge Bikes ( I ride fixed bikes here in London now) , TSA

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