Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rome SDS Riders signing frenzy in Toronto Canada

The past weekend in Toronto, four members of the Rome team - LNP, Yan Dofin, Will Lavigne and Max Legend - dropped into Toronto for the annual snowboard show and to premier the new Rome flick, No Correct Way. With skateboards in hand, they toured the show floor, held a rowdy autograph session, then took in a screening of Quiksilver's That's It, That's All before prepping for their own party on Saturday night at Polson Pier.

I scored an interview with the ultra-friendly French Canadian foursome during a rare outdoor break at the show, and then recommended a few downtown Toronto skate spots for them to check out. With winter just a couple of months away, the riders were more than excited to talk about their upcoming plans and describe what it's like prepping for another season of filming.

What's it like watching the video in front of a big audience?

Yan: I think it's cool after months of hard work to see the results. And you see how people appreciate it.

Max: You know if you did a good job or not...

Is it the ultimate test?

LNP: Yeah, I'm stressed out about it!

[laughs] I'm sure people will be cheering for you...

LNP: I hope so! Mostly you have to be stoked on your own stuff; you have to care about what people think, but not too much. But I still get nervous about it.

You seem to have very high standards for your tricks and for filming.

Yan: When it comes to editing time, you always make the final call on if a trick is good enough, but you pretty much know it when you do it on the spot.

Max: We'll watch it right after we do it, on the camera, and a quick decision is usually made. But it never compares to seeing it on the big screen. Sometimes you have a trick that you think is good, and it goes in the video, and then you see it on the big screen and you're not as stoked.

And are you guys hard on each other, in terms of being honest about how good a trick is when you're filming?

Max: It can be brutal sometimes... [laughs]

Will: You might be stoked on what you just did, but then Laurent or someone else might say that it wasn't that good and that you should do it again. And then you do it again.

Is this the time of year you start thinking about your winters, and what you want to do?

Max: Not so much planning tricks... We definitely think about spots and where we want to go.

Will: A lot of scoping for new spots, driving around the city looking for places to film this winter.

You obviously have the rail scene dialled in Quebec. So how do you find new spots? I mean, are there still new spots?

Yan: There is! Year after year, we still find new stuff. Rails, walls, features... We still find new spots in our own city.

Max: And last year we got so much snow, that it changed a lot of the spots. The new snow created a lot of spots, or made spots do-able.

Will: If there's more snow, then you can get trannies in the city and it allows you to do new stuff, or ride a spot that you couldn't normally do.

What about backcountry riding? Did you all get to spend some time riding backcountry last winter?

Laurent: Well, I bought a truck and a snowmobile, but then my truck died and I couldn't go... So I didn't go! [everyone laughs] That was how nature wanted it, I guess.

Max: I spent a couple of weeks in the backcountry, but I don't have a sled yet. But it's sick... I love it. I want to ride more in the backcountry.

Will: Well, I got hurt in February and March, so my season was short... I only got into the backcountry for one week.

Yan: I spent six weeks in Revelstoke. It was awesome... I had a sled there and got a concussion on my second day! So I don't remember it all... [everyone laughs] But it was good to get up riding every day and to learn more.

What about this season?

Will: I will be out there for sure... I can't wait.

Max: Oh, for sure! It's addictive. As soon as you get a taste of the mountains, you just want more. You want to go out and get some turns and get some jump shots.

We just watched That's It, That's All, which is obviously a crazy video... Big budget and big locations. Could you relate to it?

Max: It made me want to jump, watching Travis Rice. It proved that he's the best jumper in the world.

Laurent: The Red Bull helicopter has its own part! [everyone laughs]

Will: I don't really relate to it... I'm more into the scrappy skate-style videos. That's more what Rome is about. I think I'd want to spend a little more time in the backcountry before going riding with that crew!

Words by Matt Houghton @ http://push.ca/blogs/matthsn/archive/2008/10/20/rome-rules.aspx

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