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Get Stoked Down Under. This is snowboarding.

Look no further if you want or need to watch snowboarding. 


This 'Ozzie' section from Shredtopia is guaranteed to get you stoked.

The video does the talking.  This is snowboarding.  See you on the slopes. 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Now & Then Flashback Rider focus: Keegan Valaika Absinthe Eversince.

Snowboarders come and go.  Into the limelight, then into the shadows.

There are riders that stay true to snowboarding.

Keegan Valaika is one of them.

"Ride my snowboard as much as possible" (Keegan Valaika)


Flashback BSA Snowboarding blog post to FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 2009:


Keegan Valaika is a rare talent with insane style 

Your riding style has been described as being like pro skater Tom Penny. What are your thoughts on this?
That's cool. I think everyone's style is somewhat influenced by the people they looked up to as kids. For me those were mostly skateboarders, and Penny was definitely one of them. I used to watch his part in the ES video Menikmati every day.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Confidence Trickster: Importance of visualization in snowboarding

'There is no try only do' (Yoda)

Snowboarding is THE most enjoyable activity you do that's legal. Sometimes it's extremely frustrating, like cracking eggs and each time an annoying bit of shell goes into your scramble-mix. It's a pain in the ass. Ok, moving on to more positive stuff. Think of a trick you'd love to nail. Go! Now imagine yourself doing that specific trick in your head.  Ok, cool. I'm imagining a perfectly executed backside lipslide on a downbar. Think specifics...

40 ft smooth metal down rail, 3 inches diameter. It's set up perfectly in your favourite terrain park. It's spring & the weather is just right. Not too warm & not too cold. Every step-of-the-way I'm visualizing my trick. My speed and line into the feature is good. Not too fast and not too slow. Now I set my heel edge ever so slightly by twisting my front toe edge up and heel edge down. Just a little. Good. Ok, so now I spot my landing area onto the rail just over my left shoulder (I'm regular footed). There's the sweet spot. Now is the ideal time to pop the perfect ollie over the lip onto the downbar. Lock it in. It's a touch down landing. I almost didn't hear my board contact the metal. How good does that feel? It's between my bindings. Yes! That's what I wanted. All I do now is eyeball the end of the rail and enjoy the ride. Before I know it I've landed back on snow and riding away clean. Feeling fresh.

Right, now let's go do it. For real.

(Remember confidence is key)

By Adam Bowcutt

Watch LNP do a backlip. He's goofy. Hmmm, now imagine doing it switch!
One Trick with LNP - Backside Lipslide from Rome Snowboards on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Trouble Andrew BSA Interview. 'I dream of shredding all the time'

Trouble Andrew mellowing out

Trouble Andrew is a snowboarder, a rockstar and a Canadian.  One word to describe him is cool.  Here at BSA we were intrigued to know a bit about this multi-talented dude.  So, we asked Trouble a few questions...

Where is your Hometown? 

I grew up in a small town called Falmouth Nova Scotia, I dropped out of school in grade 9 and moved out to Whistler to be a pro snowboarder cause thats what my heart told me.

Which artist, band or song could you listen to nonstop, forever? 

Anything by 2pac, Sanford Clark, The descendants or Miles Davis

Which snowboarder do you respect the most & why? 

Terje was a big influence of mine when I was young, so rad to see him still ripping and pushing the sport. 

Apart from a rockstar or pro snowboarder, what else did you want to be? 

A pro skateboarder. 

What does being creative mean to you? 

Dreaming up new ideas and bringing them to life. 

How has being a snowboarder shaped your life so far? 

It opened many doors for me and showed me the world. It made me a strong competitor and taught me how to pick my own line, on the mtn and in every day life, art and business. Snowboarding has taken me around the world and connected me with all kinds of people, art and culture which has expanded my perspective tremendously. 

Canada. What does that word mean to you? 


What are you addicted to? 

Creating, music, art, sex, love, travel. 

Can you still do a switch back 7? 

Yeah I'm sure I could, its been a minute though, I dream of shredding all the time and when I get on my board it all seems like just yesterday. 

Who are the Trouble Gang? 

Trouble Gang runs so deep, it's a world wide crew of creative minds making shit happen by any means necessary. A few of the OG's are Stunnaman, Jofo, Muller St-Cyr, Santigold, Hollywood Holt, Pixote, Masa, Solo, Ckrs Brown, UZI, Doc Mckinney, Douce 

When & where did you last go snowboarding? 

Whistler a few weeks ago. I was shredding pow with my homies Kale Stephens and Chris Brown, epic day. 

What would make this world a better place? 

If everyone puffed a lil tree once and a while to mellow out. 

What did you eat for breakfast? 

NY pizza 

Interview by Adam Bowcutt 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mildy associated snowboarder product review. Natural Hero Hot Ginger Muscle Soak

Put it in your bath.

BSA headquarters are offered many products mildly associated with snowboarding.  From new brands of Alcohol (our favorite) to special head sprays to help reduce post beanie-wear itching. 

Recently we were sent Natural Hero, with a description of 'hot ginger muscle soak' promising  to 'recharge tired muscles' how could we resist.  You know the feeling.  You've been shredding all day, maybe all week, without a rest.  You're having too much fun snowboarding you forget to take a rest day.  We've all done it. 

The time comes when your legs become so achy that propping yourself up on a bar stool proves a challenge.  

So, treat yourself to a long soak in a hot bath? 

The packaging suggested one bottle per bath. So, naturally I used two.  The steamy scent smelt pretty good and it was very relaxing.  But, isn't every long soak in a hot bath?

Natural Hero Hot Ginger Muscle Soak Pros & Cons:

Non-Chemical (Ginger, duh!)
Smells good

A bit oily feeling (There are 5 essential oils in it!)

So there you are.  The pros outweigh the cons, so this product must be good...

PS.  As an alternative, it works excellently as a foot bath.  Especially straight after taking your stinky snowboard boots off.  

Do it.

Review by Adam Bowcutt

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Seb Toots is all about the Frontside 360

Seb Toots lands all his tricks bolts! He stomps so cleanly. How does this French-Canadian slopestyle specialist do it? We asked him some questions...
What's your age & how was your last birthday party?  

I'm 20 years old and my last year party with RedBull and Oakley was crazy! 

Describe your relationship with snowboarding using 3 words. 

Fun, passion, life

What's the most important thing you've learnt during your professional snowboarding career so far? 

Following your passion and having a good times always work out better then if you try to do something you hate. 

What are your goals for the next five years?  

Try to be a better snowboarder every years and enjoy these years as much of possible.

What is your favorite trick and why? 

FS 360 cause it's a easy trick and it's fun to do it with all kind of grab.

Which female snowboarder has the best style?  

Kjersti Buaas and Jamie Anderson. 

Which pro rider do you respect the most ? 

Many riders but I guess Travis Rice. He work hard and bring snowboarding to another level on the Backcountry. 

How do you keep yourself motivated on your off days? (E.g 'not feeling it') 

I do a lot of other sports and sometime taking a brake and hang with the homies make you excited to go shred again. 

Who are your sponsors & why do you represent them?  

O'Neill, Red Bull, Ride, Oakley, Giro, Empire.  They are the reason why I can do what I love as a living and I'm hype on their products. 

In your opinion,  which snowboard competition  is the most fun to ride in? 

Probably the Ride Shakedown in Montreal cause the format is really chill and I love to ride in front of a big crowd. 

When you land your tricks (double corks etc) you usually stomp them so clean! What's your specific focus & how do you do it?  

When I learned a new trick I try to do it as much as possible so it become a easy trick to land everytime. 

What makes  fellow Canadian slopestyle rider Mark McMorris so good & what do you need to do to consistently beat him? 

I need to land my run and I have good chances. No matter what happend i'm always stoked to see him doing good. 

What did you eat for breakfast? 

I ate a eggs sandwich with a OG . 

Any Seb Toots words of wisdom for aspiring snowboarders? 

Don't take snowboarding to serious and see you on the hill! Peace
Interview by Adam Bowcutt

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

JF Pelchat interview. So what's good about NOW bindings then?

JF Pelchat looks like he needs a beer & sushi. Photo: Chad Chomlack

So what's all this buzz about NOW bindings?  

One way to answer this question is to hear a bit about the man behind the product.  

So, we asked JF Pelchat a few questions.  


Whistler BC Canada
What's favorite snowboard movie & why?

Dang! There is too many to list. Probably all the Craig Kelly featured movies, the Mack Dawg movies, kingpin movies, TB series. I really like these production and the era they where filmed in because to me this is snowboard R/evolution at it's best, it seems to me that there was so much more distinction in style and personality back then.

Use 3 words to describe your relationship with snowboarding

Exciting, Challenging and Rewarding
Where do you shred the most?

On Whistler & Blackomb mountain
Within the snowboarding realm, who do you respect & why?

I respect those who work hard and are part of our industry for the right reasons and I also respect the people who are honest and bring joy to our sport. 
What have been your highlights as a professional snowboarder?

For me is not about highlights in my career but more about the journey and everything that came with it, I am blessed for all that snowboarding as brought to me and my life. 
What challenges do you face as a business owner of NOW & how is it going so far?

The lack of snow every year in part of the globe + market flooded with binding overstock caused by bad winter in the US last year. Canadian pricing VS US pricing, Shops not holding prices, Global economy, Distribution exclusivity at shop level and also how consumer are trained and expect to only buy product at discounted price.
The good news is NOW seems to be somewhat sheltered by most of these problems due to the fact that we offered a new and relevant technology with a different message, specially when the binding industry have been singing the same song for 20+years. The Now bindings are unique, fresh and it is backed by some of the best PRO in the biz so consumer are willing to pay a bit more for it. 

Now bindings.  Just the one.

What specifically makes your bindings better than the competition?

Our Skate-tech Technology, the NOW binding are better because they are designed to turn a snowboard rather than just holding a boot unto a board, they are more responsive and precise than any other bindings out there which will translate into less foot fatigue and overall more comfortable.

What trick do you most like doing on your snowboard?

Ollie, Euro carve, riding highcups and good old method

JF boosting & tweaking one of his favourite tricks at Camp of Champs.  Photo: Chad Chomlack 
Where do you see the future of snowboarding in, say, 5 years ? (Tricks & industry)

The return of the accessible 12-14 foot halfpipe at ski resort, We will see more emphasis on the Kids and youth market with more suitable gear and program offered at younger age at ski resorts across the world. We will see more grass root rider driven event/comps. Mandatory helmets everywhere and NOW bindings taking over with their....
What did you eat for dinner?

Since this interview is a work in progress and it was conducted over a few weeks....Sorry there. Let's just say I had a few beer and sushi 
Do you have any JF Pelchat words of wisdom?

REthink your ride

 All rights reserved: copyright: JF Pelchat

Interview by Adam Bowcutt

Friday, November 16, 2012

BSA welcomes Ben Suurallik to the crew

Hometown ? 

Canmore Alberta 

Use 3 words to describe what snowboarding means to you 


Where is your favourite place to ride and why?

Anywhere in the Bow Valley. There are so many resorts that all offer something different. Each resort has different terrain, and they all have super fun parks 

What trick gives you the most pleasure? 

Any trick that my friends stomp gives me the most pleasure! But personally a nice tweaked grab feels the best 

What are your future goals within snowboarding? 

To keep meeting new friends, keep having fun, and keep progressing while avoiding injury 

What, in your opinion, would make the snowboarding world better ?

If there was no hate in the snowboarding community. So many kids sit at their computers and talk smack about things like stances, pants, styles etc. Snowboarding isn't that serious, but some people make it out to be 

Today I am feeling…..? 


 Do you have any random words of wisdom?

 Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Aotearoa Limited Edition BSA Beanie 2012

Available now:
  • Limited Numbers
  • Built in New Zealand
  • FREE DELIVERY Globally 

/// We are addicted.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Shades of Grey. BSA riders in NZ

Shades of Grey from Brook Lester on Vimeo.

BSA Crew Thomo & Brook enjoying a fun & mellow grey day up at The Remarkables NZ. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Zealand is Aotearoa.

Aotearoa is Maori for 'Land of the long white cloud'. If you've never been to NZ you might not understand. If you are a snowboarder,(you probably are, that's why you're here, right?)you owe it to yourself a visit. Just once. It is a beautiful country. We'll be blogging more about Aotearoa soon. We'll be there... Keep in touch. /// We are addicted.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

BSA Crew Update: Lauren Staveley

Hey Guys,

I have some good news and bad news. 
The good news is my first world cup experience was amazing. Stoneham had a great course, Quebec was a beautiful city and our hotel was awesome. 

On my first day of training I took a hard knuckle coming down on my hand hard. It had swollen up a fair bit, but I didnt think much of it. By the time contest day came around a snow storm had arrived, but I didnt let that effect me. I ended up winning my heat and took the third highest score for the day! I was straight through to finals. Yet finals day was full of wind and after a difficult practice I wasnt ale to put down the run I wanted. I finished in 6th place which I am really happy with!

The bad news is my hand is now in a splint, I have a fractured ring finger and the doctor suspects I have broken bone in my hand. I got an MRI this morning and am waiting on the results now. I am hoping to be back on snow in the next week to start training for Junior World cup held in Spain this March. 

I'll keep you posted with my recovery!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Are you addicted? If so, buy a BSA 2012 beanie...

...at our new BSA online store: Click HERE to have a look

100% certified for the addicted snowboarder

Action sports, SNOWBOARDING & this video clip. It's all visceral

Sponsored Video Action sports, SNOWBOARDING & this video clip. It's all visceral.

What does visceral mean? Well, it's a feeling. It's a word to help readers attempt to understand a feeling through written form. However, snowboarding & action sports are not to be just understood. They should be felt. To some extent this short video subtly captures this feeling. By tickling your ears & eyes with some 'extreme action sports' the pit of your belly starts to giggle. This giggling is sometimes referred to as 'butterflies'. It's visceral. Now we're talking! But, let's not just talk. Let's do... You'll feel so much better for it.

(*Cough cough: Get off your couch & spread your wings) Just an idea: save your pennies and book a snowboarding trip to Canada or the States. Get stoked. Breathe in the fresh mountain air and strap into your snowboard. Boom! Now you're riding. Now you're feeling. This is living. You'll feel alive. Fully alive. But, be warned snowboarding and action sports, it's all visceral. These feelings can become an addiction. It's like a drug. Believe me you will want to feel like this more and more day by day. Is being addicted to snowboarding a bad thing? I think not. Scratch that, I feel not. Let's make each other giggle... 

Get addicted! /// We are addicted.

(*This post was sponsored by Red Bull. We liked the video & wrote about it. That's it that's all) Written by Adam Bowcutt

Monday, February 6, 2012

Red Bull Supernatural Comp & Judge Mel Simmons: BSA Industry Interview

Travis Rice & friends Gigi & Nico. Winning... Photo: Christian Pondella

"It's a game changer for sure. Bringing in the best of the best to battle it out before a panel of snowboardings' acclaimed legends? Next level". (Mel Simmons, 2012)

Mel Simmons is a cool human being.  Read on...


Queenstown, NZ

What 3 things do you love most about snowboarding?

The places, the people, the vibe.

What are the best & worst things about judging snowboarding comps?

The best part is the progression we get to witness, up close & personal. The worst is when the results don't roll the way the coaches/parents/riders want & things get ugly.

Who's your favourite rider & why?

Of all-time? Or here at Supernatural - Gigi Rüff - his riding speaks for itself, he's such a charger & he's one of the loveliest humans you'll ever have the pleasure of hangin' with. My all-time fave rider is my homeslice Will Jackways - for pretty much the same reasons as Gigi…

How did you feel about being invited to judge the inaugural RedBull Supernatural Comp at Baldface BC?

I was FIZZING. Froth factor was off the richter. I seriously thought someone was fucking with me. I got an email from "TOM BURT",  introducing himself & asking if I MIGHT be available for the window. I didn't respond at first, then Liam Griffin emailed to confirm & I was all "Oh that shit was legit?!?" needless to say I was for sure going to be available for that window… It was a lottery draw - actually. I was one of a bunch of names in the mix for the role as Assistant Head Judge & I came out trumps. So pumped. It's such a privilege to be here. Moderating a panel of judges that consists of Tom Burt, Andy Hetzel, Temple Cummins, Shin Campos & Bryan Iguchi? The highlight of my career for sure.

What's the atmosphere like there?

Out riding, the atmosphere is pure STOKE. It's so sick. Loungin' at the lodge, the vibe is so chill, for the most almost everyone involved in the event are good buddies, if they weren't beforehand - they are now… 

What do you think about this comp concept?

It's a game changer for sure. Bringing in the best of the best to battle it out before a panel of snowboardings' acclaimed legends? Next level. The format itself with the combination of freeride & freestyle elements is something I'd love to see more of in snowboarding competition. 

Where do you see snowboarding in 10 years time?

With the way snowboarding is progressing right now? I couldn't begin to try to answer that. I couldn't even take a stab at where it's going to be in 10 months let alone a decade. All I can say is: all eyes on the rookies…

Could a huge tweaked method score higher than a double-cork? 

SHIT CHEA! In my books hells yeah.

DCP and his own method. Photo: Christian Pondella

Who are you looking forward to see ride at the Supernatural comp? (who's currently killing it?)

All of them. They're all legends. Every one of them. Even the judges could have a shot at winning this - straight up.

What are your thoughts on energy drinks companies & their association within snowboarding? 

Being that I'm here on Redbulls' dime? Oh, they're great! Everyone should drink 'em! Yuuuuurr… Seriously though, they've made themselves a place in elite level extreme sports in affording athletes & event organizers alike, the means to get where they want to be & that's great. At this level, it's difficult trying to get that kind of support from other sources & if these companies are keen to bankroll, I have nothing against that. I'm just not into edc's sponsoring rookie events or younger generation riders though. Watching a 10yr old inhale a can of that shit before dropping into a slope run, just ain't cool. I've witnessed this. On multiple occasions. & it blows…

Any Mel Simmons words of wisdom for your fellow snowboarders?

Life's short, make it amazing… fucking SEND IT.

Bonus question: Woukd you have scored Shaun Whites' recent X Games halfpipe run a 100 out of 100 if you were judging ?

Nup. 98 from me. Without a doubt, a SUPER sick run for sure though he lost a lil amplitude on his backDub12 & I saw those hands on the last hit buddy…

John Jackson boosting at Baldface.  Photo: Christian Pondella

Interview by Adam Bowcutt

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Scotty Arnold would rather see a big 540 into pow: BSA Rider Interview

Scotty Arnold knows snowboarding

Scotty Arnold has been in the game for quite a while.  His experience helps provide a good insight into his views on the past, present & future of snowboarding.  Scotty puts strong emphasis on style.  We think it's a good thing. 

"If you are the sickest rider in the world and can do triple corks to nosepress through a kink but a cocky hater I have no interest in you." 

I currently live in Park City, Utah but grew up snowboarding on the east coast in Holderness, Nh.

Use 3 words to describe your relationship to snowboarding.

It's my life

Where will you be riding mostly this winter & what are your plans in the next few years?

I will be riding at Park City Mountain Resort and also travelling to different resorts all over the U.S. Europe and Japan for the Salomon Team Vacation tour (coming to a resort near you).

What's are the most important things you've learnt about the 'snowboard industry' over years?

I've learnt that although it's friends working together, at the end of the day it's still a business and all about the all mighty dollar.

Which rider do you rate most highly & why?

I would have to say Bode Merrill is my highest rated rider right now. I base that opinion on attitude and skill level. If you are the sickest rider in the world and can do triple corks to nosepress through a kink but a cocky hater I have no interest in you. Bode is the all around best snowboarder. Only a couple people can compare to him in the jumping field and those people won't hit a street rail. Bode is sick on jumps rails and is better than a lot of dudes with one foot strapped in ha. But most importantly he is a good dude with a good head on his shoulders. I also have a lot of respect for Marc Frank Montoya on and off the board.

Who's the hottest female rider, in your opinion?


Can you do a double-cork & what are your thoughts on progression within snowboarding these last few years?

I've tried one into an airbag hahah. I think these days the progression is pretty obvious. Last year was double corks this year is triple corks next year quad corks?!?!?! My opinion is that's cool and all but I have always been into peoples style and would rather see a big 540 or 720 into some pow where you can actually see the style the dude has. As far as rails go, its cool to see people getting more progressive with spots. It use to be down rail, kink rail, down rail, but now people are getting more creative with the spots and it is helping jibbing stay fresh.

What words of advice do you have for aspiring kids wishing to become a 'professional snowboarder'? 

Learn quad corks hahaha Just kidding. I would say if you love snowboarding enough and are obsessed with it, it will happen naturally. Go for your dreams, don't give up, and above all make sure you are having a great time. Also be yourself, there are too many clones out there we need more individuals. 

What did you have for dinner?

I had a salad, an English muffin and a jack and lemonade ha

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Is Jeremiah Weed for snowboarders?

We got a cheeky surprise at BSA headquarters. A note & a suspicious looking package.

I dubiously tore the wrapping paper to reveal a wooden box emblazoned with the 'Jeremiah Weed' logo & a BSA label beneath.

What's this then? I slid open the plywood to reveal two bottles of Brew; Sour mash & root, glass jar drinking vessel, t shirt, canvas satchel, packet of beef jerky & a harmonica.

Box of stuff

Ok, so why BSA? A note inside the box said Jeremiah Weed Brews liked our snowboarding Blog. Sweet!

Talking of sweet... Both brews were really sweet & easy to drink. Especially the root brew. They could be a refreshing drink after a fun day of spring-time snowboarding.  Be warned because if you try to ride after sinking a few of these it could end in tears. The energy from the sweetness & the delayed reactions from the 4% alcohol might cause you some shred trouble.

Tim's pissed again...

Don't drink & ride. It's just not worth it. Trust me. I've learned the hard way. (clue: fractured fibula)

So, yes. Jeremiah Weed could be for thirsty snowboarders with a sweet tooth.

PS. More people should play the harmonica.
PPS. Beef jerky is an awesome high protein snack that could help rebuild your tired snowboarding legs

"Sweet brew bro"

Want to know more? facebook.com/jeremiahweeduk

By Adam Bowcutt